Miscellaneous Mummies

Miscellaneous Mummy Information

IMPACT ID Name & Sex Estimated Age Institution  Period Site/Findspot Modality Information Doc Screenshots
IMP00001 Pisa 1 (M) 25-35 Pisa University Unknown  Unknown CT IMP00001 SS00001
IMP00024 Boscastle Head (F) 25-35 Museum of Witchcraft Unknown Unknown CT IMP00024 SS00024
IMP00027 Genova 1 Female (F) 40-50 Civic Museum of Ligurian Archaeology (Genoa) Unknown  Unknown X-Ray IMP00027 SS00027
IMP00028 Genova 2 Male (M) 40-59 Civic Museum of Ligurian Archaeology (Genoa) Unknown  Unknown X-Ray IMP00028 SS00028
IMP00030 Unnamed (F) <10 Kunsthistorisches Museum (Vienna) Unknown  unknown X-Ray IMP00030 SS00030
IMP00035 Euphemia la Brodeuse (E.1045) (F) 40+ Brussels Royal Museum Constantine (late 4th/5th C AD) Antinoe  X-Ray IMP00035 SS00035
IMP00075 Liverpool 20 - hand (M. 11438) (F?) Adult World Museum Liverpool Unknown Saqqara X-Ray IMP00075 SS00075
IMP00077 Liverpool Head 4 in data submission - not in Gray & Slow World Museum Liverpool Unknown Unknown X-Ray IMP00077 SS00077
IMP00080 Fletcher head A40438) (F) Adult South Australia Museum Unknown Unknown X-Ray IMP00080 SS00080