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Access to the PACS, for licensing and data security issues, is limited by approval of the IMPACT oversight committee. The context database is intended to provide the necessary background on radiographic holdings, and supplementary studies, to develop a research application.

It includes information about the provenience, dating, mummification features, metric and non-metric testing, damage, restorations, and any associated artifacts, as well as metadata on the imaging studies. The context database, hosted on a University of Western Ontario SQL Server and interfaced through the reports on this website, is not currently available. These data may be found in the Basic Information spreadsheet and in detail entries within The Mummipedia, which is accessible to all and may serve as a useful teaching tool in addition to fulfilling research objectives.

The relational database is designed to be highly searchable and the metadata is available to make this easier, once it is available here. Custom reports will be designable by the user, and a number of standard reports will also be available.

Designed by A.Wade. Last updated August 2016.

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