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Quinnipiac Chronicle – Harun M. Quinnipiac wrapped in mummy project.

            8 February 2012.

Hartford Courant – Associated Press. Quinnipiac researchers help with mummy inventory.

            5 February 2012.

Hamden Patch – Ramunni K. Professors collaborating on mummy database

            3 February 2012.

Western Gazette – Tahirali J. Researchers hit mummy-lode.

            11 January 2012.

CBC – Chen W. Ontario Morning podcast.

            5 January 2012.

Kansas City Business Journal - Twiddy D. Saint Luke’s researchers will study Egyptian mummies.

            5 January 2012.

Saint Luke’s Health System - Saint Luke’s receives funding to further research into ancient Egyptian mummies.

            4 January 2012.

London Free Press – Pedro K. UWO researcher hits mummy of all grants.

            3 January 2012.

Western News – Western Communications. Finding needles in a digital haystack.

            3 January 2012.

Digging Into Data Challenge 2011 – SSHRC/NEH. IMPACT Radiological Mummy Database Project.

            3 January 2012.

            Headway – McGill Publications. Mummy peerest: Looking behind the bandages with high-tech.

                        28 July 2011.



IMPACT Research Projects

            LiveScience – Ghose T. 2400-year-old myths of mummy-making busted.

        Also run by Scientific American, Discovery News, MSNBC, Fox News, Huffington Post

                        22 March 2013.


           Smart News – Smithsonian Institution. Here’s what three mummies might have looked like while alive.

                        30 January 2013.

            Western News – Talbot A. Postdoc bringing faces of Egypt from the past.

                        31 January 2013.

            CTV National News – Beauchemin G. Mummies come to life.


            CTV Evening Direct – MacMillan M. Science shows what mummies may have looked like before death.


            Canada AM – Ien M. Fascinating 3D scans help bring mummies to life.

                        29 January 2013.


            CTV Montreal – Conlon D. A new face for McGill's mumies.

                        27 January 2013.

            CBC Montreal – Karnick S. Egyptian mummies brought to life.

                        27 January 2013.

            Le Devoir – Gravel P. La vie après la mort [Life after death].

                        26 January 2013.

            Archaeology – AIA. Egyptian mummy’s hairstyle makes a comeback.

                        25 January 2013.

            Discovery News – Viegas J. Mummies’ faces, hairdos, revealed in 3D.

                        25 January 2013.

            Digital Journal – McClain G. Photos reveal pre-death likeness of Egyptian mummies.

                        25 January 2013.


            MaxiSciences – Lambert M. Momie: Un musée dévoile trois reconstruction faciales d’Egyptiens morts il y a  plus de

                        1.500 ans [Museum unveils three facial reconstructions of Egyptians dead more than 1500 years].

                        25 January 2013.

            Headway – McGill Publications. Mummy unveiled!

                        25 January 2013.


            Journale Première Édition – Edson K. Mummy museum display done with help from Abbott artist.

                        25 January 2013. 

            La Presse – Audet E. Trois visage de momies dévoilés 2000 ans plus tard [Three mummies' faces revealed

                        2000 years later]. 25 January 2013.


            Radio-Canada – Rochon M. La technologie au services des momies [Technology benefits mummies].

                        25 January 2013.


            CBC News – Asimakopulos A. Mummies come back to life.

                        25 January 2013.

            The Globe and Mail – Luriette J. A glimpse into the past: Reconstructing the faces of ancient Egyptian

                        mummies. 25 January 2013.


            Daily Planet – Riskin D. Mummy cat.

                        24 January 2013.

            LiveScience – Jarus O. Egyptian mummy’s elaborate hairstyle revealed in 3D.

                        Also run by MSNBC, Huffington Post, Yahoo News

                        24 January 2013.


            Daily Planet – Riskin D. Discoveries segment 2.

                        12 October 2012.

            Huffington Post - Cronin M. 2012 in mummies: Top mummification discoveries this year.

                        26 December 2012.

            Dr. Bicuspid - Hokenson H. Mummy offers evidence of early dental specialists.

                        31 October 2012.

            Bild-Bundesausgabe – Pipek S. Tut-Autsch-Amun, diese mumie litt an zahnweh [Tut-Ouch-Amun, this mummy suffered

                         from toothache]. 12 October 2012.

            Current World Archaeology News - Hilts C. Ancient Egyptian teething problems.

                        12 October 2012.

            LiveScience – Jarus O. Mummy with mouthful of cavities discovered.

                       Also run by MSNBC, CBS, Fox News, Discovery News, Huffington Post

                       9 October 2012.


            Epoc Magazine – Schlott K. Ägypter füllten ibismumien mit vogelfutter [Egyptian ibis

mummies filled with birdseed]. Issue 2012(1):10.

Current World Archaeology – Hilts C. Peckish mummies. Issue 52:9.

National Geographic News – Owen J. Bird mummise ‘fed’ after death, stuffed with snails.

            7 February 2012.

Discovery News – Viegas J. Even in death, Egyptian birds were fed.

            27 January 2012.

Spektrum der Wissenschaft – Schlott K. Ibis im jenseits [Ibis in the afterlife].

            27 January 2012.

            Bikya Masr - Ragab H. In death, ancient Egyptians fed their animals.

                         27 January 2012

PostMedia – Boswell R. Egyptian birds were 'fed' prior to mummification: study.

25 January 2012.

EOS Magazine – Verhaeghe K. Een hapje voor in het hiernamaals [A snack for the afterlife].

            25 January 2012.

Kopalnia Wiedzy – Blonska A. Zapasy na wieczność [Stocks for eternity].

            24 January 2012.

New Scientist – Geddes L. Egyptians give birds a packed lunch for the afterlife.

            23 January 2012.

            Science News Prime – Gaidos S. The science life: The mummy’s secret.

                        31 October 2011.

            Headway – McGill Publications. Mummy peerest: Looking behind the bandages with high-tech. 

                        28 July 2011.

            Science Magazine – Pringle H. For best ticket to the afterlife, pay up.

                        22 July 2011.

            CTV Montreal – Conlon D. Mummy mystery.

            8 May 2011.

McGill Reporter – McDevitt N. Mummies undergo non-cutting cutting-edge examinations at The Neuro.

5 May 2011.